BHI Members Site is a database of investment research on high quality companies and a discussion of actionable investment ideas. John Huber and Matt Brice both manage separate accounts for clients at their respective investment firms. Think of this site as an extension of their personal investment notes and research. We have accumulated thousands of pages of notes over the years on companies we’ve researched, and we felt that our research might be valuable to other like-minded investors.

We will discuss the investment ideas we’re working on, share our personal watchlists of great businesses, track special situation investment opportunities, share our day-to-day research, update members on current investments, and answer member questions. We also enjoy the community aspect of investing, and welcome feedback and thoughtful commentary from members as well.

Value Proposition for Members

  • High-quality Research
    • Write-ups on the high-quality companies on our watchlists
  • Actionable Ideas (the investments we make or are strongly considering)
    • High quality companies at attractive prices
    • Special situation investments
  • Our Watchlists
    • Our database of great businesses
    • Our special situation database
  • Research Scratch Notes (Investment Journal)
    • Notes in real-time as we conduct our day to day research
    • Brief comments on companies we follow as news/events occur
  • Education Center
    • Case Studies
    • Investing Fundamentals
    • Investment Philosophy
    • Buffett Letters-a library of notes on all of the Berkshire Hathaway letters (this is a work in progress)

The overarching goal of the site, as an extension of Base Hit Investing, is to help improve our collective investment skills together. This site will have actionable investment ideas to take advantage of, but the site is geared toward serious investors who want to improve their investment skills by focusing on getting better one day at a time. We hope to provide a road map and the resources necessary to accomplish that goal.