Matt and I thought it would be fun to create a page on the site where members can interact with us and with each other as well. One of our goals with creating this site is to create a community where investors can share ideas, research, ask questions, and bounce investment ideas off of each other. We thought Slack would be the best way to accomplish this. For those not familiar with Slack, it’s a messaging platform that is typically used for teams in the workplace.

Matt and I intend to use Slack to share quick comments or thoughts that wouldn’t necessarily make sense to put into a full post, but nonetheless might be worth sharing. Think of it like the comment section on a blog post. But in addition, we can also share articles we’re reading, videos, files, and a lot more. We also can categorize our messages into groups (like a message board), and so far we’ve created numerous groups for specific companies we’re discussing as well as groups for investment strategy comments, overall general investing thoughts, reader questions, and more.

Joining the Slack group is obviously not required as a member, but I think it will add a lot of value to your membership, so feel free to check it out if you’d like. Think of it as an add-on to the commentary that Matt and I provide here on the site. I think the “value” of the forum will increase as time goes on, because all the posts and content will be saved and well-organized under each specific stock or subject category.

To join our BHI Members Slack group, please email Matt and he’ll send you an invite:

(Joining the Slack group is part of the BHI membership, so there is no additional costs for members).