About Our Team

John Huber

John Huber is the portfolio manager of Saber Capital Management, LLC, a value-focused investment firm that manages separate accounts for clients. Saber’s objective is to compound capital over the long-term by making investments in undervalued stocks of high-quality businesses.

By using separate accounts, Saber’s clients get complete transparency over the investment process and well as complete control over the access to their funds (the funds are held in the client’s name in their own separate account). Saber looks to partner with like-minded clients who are interested in a patient, long-term investment approach that is rooted in the principals of value investing.

John can be reached at john@sabercapitalmgt.com.

Matt Brice

Matt Brice is the portfolio manager of The Sova Group, LLC, an investment firm that manages separate accounts for clients.  The Sova Group maintains a bat on the shoulder waiting for one-foot hurdles portfolio approach.  Simple, concentrated and patient value investing.

Matt can be reached at matt@thesovagroup.com.