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China Preview and Some Thoughts on Moats

Over the past year, I've been steadily doing a lot of reading about China in general, and a few companies there specifically. China is a fascinating country to read about, with some real issues looming on one hand but some real long-term tailwinds on the other. Chanos...
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The Inevitables

Value investors tend to shy away from technology companies.  There are typically two primary reasons for this.  First, technology can sometimes be difficult to understand.  For example, Nvidia is a technology company that designs graphic processing units.  These units...
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Creativity and Value Investing

One foot hurdles are the best investments.  John texted me Thursday night asking which team I thought I would win the NBA Finals. Since I am on mountain standard time, my kids don’t usually go to bed until these games are almost over.  I replied to his text as my kids...
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Taro Update

There is no sugar-coating Taro’s latest results.  They weren’t great.  Here are a few thoughts, some specific to Taro and some general. The first mistake people make when fooling themselves (remembering of course, that you are the easiest person to fool) is not to...
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Foot Locker: The Outlook Five Years Hence

"But before he left, he taught me two things. Never, ever invest in the present. It doesn't matter what a company is earning, or what they have earned. He taught me that you have to visualize the situation 18 months from now."                                          ...
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To Sell or Not To Sell?

This will be a somewhat meandering post on some notes of mine regarding the concept of selling, as well as some brief comments on AutoNation and Verisign (the latter is a current holding). I’ve talked about stocks in category 1 vs category 2. What do I mean by this?...
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Buffett Moat vs. Bezos Moat

Buffett Moat vs. Bezos Moat I was a philosophy major, so I have a lot of theories rolling around in my head.  Most of them are completely useless. This idea below, however, is probably my best insight into business since I starting reading about investing over a...
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Dust Bin Watch List

I have a Dust Bin watchlist.  It’s a hodgepodge of companies I have looked at and passed on for one reason or the other.  Mainly, I didn’t like the business model, the people running it or the competitive environment.  I maintain it because I want to see where I am...
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Some Notes on AutoNation and the Car Dealerships

My wife continues to give me grief over the extremely mundane nature of my post titles. Meanwhile, Matt continues to avoid helping me improve (his titles are much more creative). I continue to find the titles adequately descriptive. So, as you know from the title, I...
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Swiper no Swiping (Dora Fans Unite)

Value investors make lots of mistakes.  I have made lots of these specific “value investor” mistakes, sometimes the same mistakes multiple times.  Hopefully, knowing where we (I) often go wrong will help us not make those mistakes in the future.   “Unfortunately we...
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