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Google: Another Bargain in Plain Sight

It goes without saying that Google is one of the world's greatest companies. It provides a tool that has revolutionized the way that a large swath of the world's population conducts its work and it nearly instantly satisfies our insatiable thirst for knowledge and...
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Leadership and Off The Beaten Path Ideas

I want to write about two quick ideas.  I will keep them brief because I hear something slightly more interesting came out this past Saturday morning.  You can read that here. (Buffett Annual Letter) First, leadership matters.  It's difficult to quantify this idea,...
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Widely-Followed Stocks and Apple Update

I feel like I've talked a lot in the past year or so about the idea that even well-known companies can get misplaced. One of the posts I wrote was about the concept of edge. Most people focus on trying to gain an information advantage, which I believe is the most...
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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.  Einstein How simple or complex should an investment thesis in Facebook be? John and I made an investment in Apple a little over two years ago.  It was the first time that I felt like I had departed...
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Thoughts on Cost of Capital – Part 2

This is a big week for earnings with a number of companies I follow reporting their year end numbers. I will write an update that will cover a couple of the current stocks in my portfolio, and I'm also working on a few new ideas that I will discuss in the coming weeks...
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Bitcoin, Psychology and Munger

If you have been under a "financial news" rock for the past few months, I thought I would welcome you with a story you are likely to have missed…Bitcoin, or more broadly Cryptocurrencies.  I generally read about things that I find interesting or at least relevant to...
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Buffett’s Blind Spot

I started re-reading Snowball over the holidays.  If you haven't read it, you should and if you haven't read it in a few years, 2018 might be a good time to pick it up again.  I joke with John that reading Snowball annually is similar to a Christian re-reading the...
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A Few More Thoughts on JD and the VIE Structure

Happy New Year! In my last post, I outlined why I decided to invest in I received a couple questions from readers about the structure of this company, and its use of what is called variable interest entities (VIE's). Chinese laws restrict foreign investors...
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The Amazon and UPS of China is a new investment for Saber Capital, and other than a few small special situations, it's the first core investment I've made since January. JD is one of the two dominant online retailers in China. Unlike Alibaba, it operates an Amazon-style business of owning...
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The Intangible Qualities That Create Strong Moats

I watched a video with one of the very early employees at Tencent. It’s a great video, and David Wallerstein gives some examples that illustrate just how focused Tencent is on the user, their customers. He goes into the history of Tencent, with some great background...
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