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The Intangible Qualities That Create Strong Moats

I watched a video with one of the very early employees at Tencent. It’s a great video, and David Wallerstein gives some examples that illustrate just how focused Tencent is on the user, their customers. He goes into the history of Tencent, with some great background...
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Two Earnings Updates and Portfolio Commentary

I thought I'd update members on a couple stocks that could use an update. First, the good news: I'm not one for putting much weight on any particular quarter, but Tencent is doing incredibly well, and there latest numbers were pretty amazing. When you zoom out, and...
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CMG Update

CMG reported their most recent quarterly earnings a few weeks ago.  I wanted to update my last post on CMG with some additional thoughts regarding their numbers. CMG's operating history shows one of two things.  Either CMG has created a superior model in what has...
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Taro Update

Taro reported their latest quarterly results on Tuesday evening.  Despite the sharp increase in stock price on Wednesday, John and I have both changed our minds on this company's prospects and thus have decided to sell. The thesis rested on a reliable business with a...
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Malls and Retail Stocks: Be Mindful of Where the Puck is Going

I’m busy looking at a number of investment ideas, and while the general market trades at new highs almost daily, I expect to be able to locate value. A couple weeks ago I referenced a quote Buffett made about how he could run the top five companies (Apple, Google,...
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Redfin: Technology Company or Something Else

Redfin describes itself as a "technology-powered residential real estate brokerage." From filings and transcripts: This ability to deliver better service at a lower fee is the fundamental source of our long-term competitive advantage and that advantage comes from...
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Running the Five Largest Firms “With No Equity Capital”?

"I believe that probably the five largest American companies by market cap...they have a market value of over two-and-a-half trillion dollars...and if you take those five companies, essentially you could run them with no equity capital at all. None."   - Warren...
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Simple Businesses: Flooring Edition

In the near future, I would like to discuss my (and partially John's) approach to filtering by using the S&P 500. One company I was researching as I was thinking about my filters was Floor and Decor (although it isn't in the S&P 500). As a short introduction...
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Seeking the Next Great Multi-Bagger

I recently was reviewing some notes I wrote while watching a presentation that Mohnish Pabrai gave, and I thought I’d share those notes here since I think the general concept underpinning his talk is worth thinking about. I am in the midst of going through all 3500...
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The Importance of Patience; and Building a Great Company List

I thought I’d share a few brief comments on investment philosophy, as we begin the week. It’s a tough time finding value in the current market. When prices are generally high, I often take that as an opportunity to read about other companies and work on expanding my...
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